Donna Brown

"Donna Brown's Sub-Zero refrigerator is perfect for any occasion."

donna brownCreative author and food writer, Donna Brown, embarked on a dynamic partnership with Sub-Zero & Wolf when she started writing her book Food & Flowers. Donna is now one of Sub-Zero & Wolf’s ambassadors, sharing her passion for the high-performance appliance brand alongside the world’s leading chefs. Donna uses the cooking and cooling appliances at home, in Italy, on her picturesque Tuscan farm and is also a regular at Sub-Zero & Wolf’s Milan showroom, performing cooking demonstrations for special events at the state of the art venue.

Donna’s latest book, Food & Flowers, combines the arts of cooking and floristry to create an eye-catching mix of bright decorations and fresh recipes. Inspired by her natural surroundings, Donna takes everyday ingredients and transforms them into culinary masterpieces. Showing us the beauty of humble ingredients and flora, she encourages us to enjoy and to share special moments with our family and friends.

Donna Brown is Canadian by birth but Italian by heart. She has showcased her artistic talent over the years in areas such as music, fashion and interiors to food, garden and event design. She writes regularly to specialist publications and has contributed to several TV shows.

Donna reveals a couple of her secret tips:

" My vast Sub-Zero refrigerator is perfect for preserving fresh flowers before they are ready to be used for an event or a special occasion at home, when I want the decorations to look their best. I’m also a big fan of making preserves from fresh fruit, for a recipe full of flavour which can be kept for several weeks in the refrigerator for an instant glamorous addition to deserts or as a delicious breakfast accompaniment.”