Tomaryk Design

KrysAs principal of Tomaryk Design, one of our key principals is "Expectation meets Reality" which I find when designing our client's house with Sub Zero and Wolf. The products are very design-friendly and easy to understand. For a crème de crème brands, we would expect some kind of proprietary complications when it comes to design. But it has not, thanks to the Design guide provided by them.- Mr.Krys Tarnowski.

Mr. Krys Tarnowski, The Founder of Tomaryk Design (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Following an interesting career as architect/designer with international organisations and having held key positions on landmark developments in various countries Krys settled in Thailand and in 1997 founded Tomaryk Design.

Relating to Clients as ‘individuals’ and servicing them with ‘direct attention and focus’ has become the trademark of the Tomaryk Design operation and he guides the company to reach these objectives.

The company is positioned in the high end residential and hospitality sectors, and is responsible for quality projects in Thailand and off shore.

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