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gray arrowSub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove Launch New Showroom and Demo Kitchen in the Heart of the Miami Design District 5/7/2018
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Demonstrate Design Flexibility With New Products at EuroCucina 2018, April 17-22 4/17/2018
gray arrowSub-Zero Group, Inc. Completes the Kitchen with New Dishwasher Line: Cove 3/22/2018
gray arrowAmerica’s Test Kitchen Debuts New Kitchen Space with donation from Sub-Zero and Wolf  10/27/2017
gray arrow"Design Professionals to Watch" Named by Sub-Zero and Wolf 9/27/2017
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Announce 2015-2016 Kitchen Design Contest Finalists 5/4/2017
gray arrowWolf Appliance, Inc.'s Reclaim the Kitchen Survey Uncovers the Cooking Habits of American Adults 10/11/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero Donates $25,000 to Fresh Food Matters Partner, Katie’s Krops 8/30/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Announce 2015-2016 Kitchen Design Contest 8/18/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Expand Product Offering for Galleys and Small Spaces 8/4/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero Announces Fresh Food Matters Initiative Highlighting Fresh Food's Impact, Empowering People to Choose Fresh 4/26/2016
gray arrowWolf Appliance, Inc. Couples Sleek Design with Powerful Performance in New Induction Range 3/22/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Unveil 2016 Kitchen Design Forecast 1/19/2016
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Announce 2013-2014 Kitchen Design Contest Global Winners 9/23/2015
gray arrowSub-Zero Group, Inc. Celebrates Milestone 3/31/2015
gray arrowWolf Appliance, Inc. Teams Up With Chef Kathleen Flinn To Help Families Reclaim The Kitchen 2/11/2015
gray arrowSub-Zero Introduces Updates to Integrated Wine Storage 1/13/2015
gray arrowWolf Appliance Inc. to Introduce M Series Built-In Ovens 11/17/2014
gray arrowWolf Appliance, Inc. Introduces Wolf Gourmet 5/13/2014
gray arrowWolf Appliance, Inc. to Introduce Gourmet Home Coffee System 5/6/2014
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Announce the 2013-2014 Kitchen Design Contest 2/13/2014
gray arrowWolf Appliance Inc. to Introduce New Line of Gas Cooktops 1/15/2014
gray arrowSub-Zero Introduces New Line of Integrated Refrigeration 9/26/2013
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Ready for the Largest Product Rollout in Company History 6/3/2013
gray arrowSub-Zero Takes An Internal Approach to Ice and Water Dispensers 10/24/2011
gray arrowSub-Zero Freezer Company Celebrates 60 Years of Food Preservation 5/10/2005
gray arrowSub-Zero and Wolf Open Westye F. Bakke Training Center 3/31/2005
gray arrowSub-Zero Reveals New 700 Series 4/2/2004
gray arrowSub-Zero Freezer Company Biography: James J. Bakke - President and CEO 1/24/2001